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Weekend Wall 43

17 Feb
Be wary of adults acting like children…

… be terrified when gigantic moustached men throw tantrums…


Weekend Wall 42

2 Feb
Can’t wait for I’m A Cyborg, But That’s OK to come out. Even on DVD. I’ll buy it for sure. Such a lovely story. Thanks Paskalip for cleaning this wallpaper! ^_^ Everyone, visit the film’s official site! It’s in English as well! Hurry!!!

Weekend Wall 41

27 Jan
Now that the weather is changing, everything’s changing, the world is changing, we are changing… Changes – are not always for better or worse. Sometimes they just… are. Inevitable.

Weekend Wall 39

22 Dec

Think the season is just jolly?
Think again! And ho-ho-ho will turn to mwa-ha-ha! 😉

Stay tuned for the great unveiling!

Weekend Wall 38

15 Dec
More zombies! Yay! It’s not a festive theme – yet, it’s a festering problem xD But, it’s cool! 😛 Ain’t it???

Weekend Wall 37

8 Dec
Is it a bug? Is it a ladybug? No! It’s a spy-cam! And it’s iuneWind‘s Green_Day!

Weekend Wall 36

1 Dec

And my journey begins… 頑張らなきゃ!

Weekend Wall 35

24 Nov
*yawns* Good morning everyone! Say hi to Ginko for me OK? He’s a character from Mushishi (mushi expert :P) I’m going back to bed now, thank you 🙂

Weekend Wall 34

17 Nov
This comes from the famous (to the fans of the manga culture at least) Death Note manga and anime. The figures seem as to have been carved in marble. It is so dark in all its whiteness. At least I like it 😛

Weekend Wall 33

11 Nov
Eye see what I want to see

It’s the all seeing eye with a twist. Twisted – period – . Oh well, today is a good day 😀 Thus, I’m back to my crazy self 😀 My PC is as good as new (thanks to around 200 euro worth of stuff and my savior Paskalip – respect!). I’m back for more ^_^