Ultra hyper happy mode!

8 Dec
I’m so happy today! My cool swag from Japan arrived at 4pm and I couldn’t believe my eyes ^_^ My first internet order 🙂 And my most favorite things in the world (anime and manga) packed together! If you live in Europe please do NOT make the same mistake as I did! Try to order as few items a time as possible, cause international shipping, comes with hidden costs! Them darned customs!!! You have to pay VAT (Value Added Tax) for all orders from Japan 😦 Plus there’s extra charge if your order exceeds a certain amount of money. I didn’t know that… Oh well! I guess I’m not buying a Nintendo Wii any time soon 😦 But aren’t they cool??? ^_^ I’m so happy anyways! Hahaha 😀 These all came from amazon.co.jp in less than 5 days (I chose International Express Shipping… Big spender move right? LOL! Unfortunately, I can’t keep any money in my pocket…) I could have chosen yesasia… And maybe I will next time… I guess it’ll be cheaper, although the total was less for amazon. Makes you wonder! OK, to my friends who had birthdays and name days and I still owe them presents: Don’t kill me! This is one of the reasons I didn’t have money to buy you anything T_T I will real soon! 😀

*~*~* Click on image for full view *~*~*

My order: The full Death Note manga (12 volumes) plus the Limited Edition (comes with this awesome box to put all the volumes, a diorama and 5 character figurines) of the 13th Volume titled How To Read with extra info and interviews, the 7 Rozen Maiden volumes released so far and the first two volumes of the Honey and Clover II anime (my favourite!), both in First Press Limited Edition (the first comes with a Hoipp-chan strap shown here – I put it on my DS Lite) and the 2nd volume comes with unicorn stickers hahaha :D)!!!

Yay! *ultra hyper happy mode: ON*

2 Responses to “Ultra hyper happy mode!”

  1. aurora_eyes December 14, 2006 at 11:28 pm #

    Kai olo klaine ta leftoudakiaaaaa, stou giapwna, stou giapwna ta kwlotsepakiaaaa…Sorry kiolas alla to Hoipp-chan strap einai san paliokairismeno kai karaxrhsimopoihmeno… Ti na pw… Me geia bre!! Kalodiabasta!

  2. mr. F December 15, 2006 at 5:54 am #

    na ta xairese alla prosexe me ta xrimata sou..den einai gia petama.

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