19 Oct
I’m having once again (last year was HELL), trouble with my PC.

My PC’s PS (power supplier) and its fan suddenly stopped working and I had to blow… to get it to spin once again. Since this shouldn’t be the way to make it work, I won’t be on the PC as often and MAY not update my blog till October 31st or early November, when I’ll take the whole tower for inspection.

My friend Paskalip offered to give me a PS of his if he hasn’t thrown his last one away that is, so I may be up and running much earlier. But for the time being, I’m sorry if I take some time to update, if you like my blog and posts 😦

Thanks for your understanding and wish me luck!

I have to write my thesis come November anyways, so I cannot afford to lose my precious PC 😦
All fingers crossed!



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