Top 3 Tunes (29.03-04.04)

4 Apr
I’ve got so many candidate songs for this week’s favourites!!! A big THANK YOU to my friends Vana and Natasha, the funniest flatmates I’ve ever known (thanks also for having me sleep over from time to time!! xD) for wanting me to look for what became this week’s no.1 and no.2! So, we have Santana, with a great new album full of collabs (this particular with Steven Tyler rocks!), Elvis Costello with a now classic song, it soothes my soul and I mean it and last but not least favourite, the latest single by the Arctic Monkeys, a slow-burner, as I call songs which take time to grow on me. I have to listen to songs a couple of times anyways before I can say for sure whether I like them or not. April 24th, the Arctic Monkeys are releasing a new EP with 4 previously unreleased tracks, titled Who The Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys. So… results of my most played list this week are…
No.1 : Santana feat. Steven Tyler – Just Feel Better

No.2 : Elvis Costello – I Want You

No.3 : Arctic Monkeys – When The Sun Goes Down


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